12A and 80G Registration Fees

12A and 80G Registration Fees

69,999 /-

80G and 12A Registration Delhi NCR

If you sign up your Non-governmental agency and 80G beneath the segment 12A, you will get access to tax exemptions for the surplus funds of the NGO. However, if you do no longer have 80G and 12A registration in Delhi NCR, you won’t be able to experience these exemptions.

However, those aren’t the handiest benefits related to 12A registration. Other blessings of this shape of registration are as follows:

You are going to be blessings touching on the tax exemptions.
You are going to get governmental grants blessings as nicely.
There also are some advantages that you will get to experience relating to FCRA registration.
However, there also are a few benefits associated with registration underneath 80G and they’re as follows:

There are a few deductions to the taxes on taxable earnings.
With 80G, greater donors are interested in donating.
If you need to get admission to those exemptions, then you may follow for 80G and 12A registration in Delhi proper after you have got began your NGO. Abgps Advisory is going to help you with the complete manner of registration; all you want to do is get in touch with us.

Documents Required for 80G and 12A Registration

  1. Following information pertaining to the trustees or managers of the NGO:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. PAN Details.
  2. Registration certification under which the trust/society/NGO was established.
  3. A copy of the PAN card that belongs to the NGO.

80G and 12A Registration FAQS

What are the benefits of 12A registration?

 The benefits of 12A registration are as follows:

  1. You will get tax exemptions.
  2. You will be able to get grants from the governments
  3. You will be able to get the benefits of FCRA registration.


What are the benefits of 80 G registration?

The benefits of 80G registration are as follows:

  1. The donor can avail deductions on taxable incomes
  2. This causes the owners to be attracted towards making a donation.


When can i apply for 12A and 80G exception certificates?

Once the registration of the NGO is complete, you can apply for the exception certificates under section 12A and 80G immediately. You can file for these certificates together or separately.

What is the Eligiblity to get a 12A exception certificate?

You in order to get a 12A exception certificate, you must:

  1. Be a charitable trust,
  2. religious trust,
  3. society or
  4. A section 6 company.

I have a private trust; can I apply for 12A certificate?

No, 12A certificate is not available for private Trusts.

What is the eligibility for registration under section 80G?

1. The donations that you make to the charities must e prescribed under section 80G

2. The NGO should also be registered under the act.

What is FCRA?

FCRA refers to Foreign Contribution Regulations Act. This act manages the receipt of the foreign contributions, or contributions that are made from outside in India to Indian regions.

Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand Identity in India : Logos, Symbols and Other Icons


3,499 /-
  • Novel works of authorship, such as books, articles, songs, photographs, sculptures, choreography, sound recordings, motion pictures etc.
  • The work must be original, creative and should be capable of fixing in the tangible form.
  • Author’s life plus 70 more years.
  • Right to control the reproduction, making of derivative works, distribution and public performance and display of the copyrighted works.
  • Authors, artists, choreographers, architects, and other creative professionals.


  • Inventions, such as processes, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter as well as improvements to these.
  • An invention must be new, useful and non-obvious
  • For 20 years.
  • Right to prevent others from making, selling using or importing the patented invention.
  • Inventors and designers.


  • Any word, logo, symbol, mark, phrase that distinguishes goods of one party from another.
  • The mark shall be unique.
  • For 10 years.
  • Rights to use the mark and prevent any third person from using the deceptively similar mark.
  • Business owners or the product owners.


8,999 /-
  • Features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, color or combination thereof applied to any article
  • The design must be original and should be applied to the article by any industrial process.
  • For 10 years.
  • Provides the creator, exclusive rights over use of the design
  • Designers or the owners of the product.

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