DOT IP-1 License Fees

DOT - IP-1 License

69,999 /-

DOT IP-1 License Registration

IP refers to Infrastructure company. In DOT or Department of telecommunication, there is an innate want to make certain that the right infrastructure is provided. This, in turn, makes certain that the technologies used to useful resources the OSPs are up to the mark.

With IP 1 license, a corporation can offer other service carriers with technological infrastructure. With this license, an IP enterprise can offer technical useful resources like Dark Fibre, Right of Way, Tower, and Duct Space.

However, getting this license is not an easy challenge, for there may be another tick list of measures that might be needed to be taken care of first. However, there is no want to worry as Abgps Advisory is here to assist you for the duration of the technique.

Documents Required for DOT IP-1 License

  1. Companies PAN card
  2. Certification of incorporation of the company
  3. Memorandum of association and article of association of the company
  4. List of all the directors and shareholders of the company
  5. KYC of the directors
  6.  Demand draft of INR 5000/-

What We Do

  1. We are going to file and submit the application in the right way
  2. Provide you further assistance throughout the licensing process

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Protect Your Brand

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3,499 /-
  • Novel works of authorship, such as books, articles, songs, photographs, sculptures, choreography, sound recordings, motion pictures etc.
  • The work must be original, creative and should be capable of fixing in the tangible form.
  • Author’s life plus 70 more years.
  • Right to control the reproduction, making of derivative works, distribution and public performance and display of the copyrighted works.
  • Authors, artists, choreographers, architects, and other creative professionals.


  • Inventions, such as processes, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter as well as improvements to these.
  • An invention must be new, useful and non-obvious
  • For 20 years.
  • Right to prevent others from making, selling using or importing the patented invention.
  • Inventors and designers.


  • Any word, logo, symbol, mark, phrase that distinguishes goods of one party from another.
  • The mark shall be unique.
  • For 10 years.
  • Rights to use the mark and prevent any third person from using the deceptively similar mark.
  • Business owners or the product owners.


8,999 /-
  • Features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, color or combination thereof applied to any article
  • The design must be original and should be applied to the article by any industrial process.
  • For 10 years.
  • Provides the creator, exclusive rights over use of the design
  • Designers or the owners of the product.

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