HACCP Certification Fees

  • Application drafting
  • Drafting of policy standards
  • Certificate issue


HACCP Certification

14,999 /-
  • HACCP Certification for Food Safety Management System in just 10-12 Days

HACCP Certification in India

HACCP certification is an international standard that defines the requirements associated with the effective control over the food safety. This certification is based on the following 7 principles:

  1. Conducting the hazard analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards.
  2. Determining the critical control points
  3. Establishing the right control limits for the cooking time and cooking temperature.
  4. Establishing the corrective actions
  5. Establishing the procedure to verify that the HACCP system is working properly.
  6. Record keeping and documentation establishment.

These are the 7 blocks that you need to be compliant to get the HACCP certification.

If you want to start with the certification process, get in touch with Abgps Advisory today.

Benefits of HACCP Certification

The benefits associated with this form of certification can be encompassed in the acronym SAFEFOOD

  1. Saving money for your business
  2. Avoiding causing customers trouble
  3. Food safety standards elevation
  4. Ensuring that you are compliant
  5. Food quality standard elevation
  6. Organizing the safe food process
  7. Organizing the staff with teamwork
  8. Due diligence if there were to be any issue in court.

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