Halal Certification Cost in India

HALAL Certification

24,999 /-

Halal Registration

HALAL is a term taken from the Quran. It means “lawful” or “authorized”. To that stop, while the time period is used in relation to meals, it means that the ingredients which are consumable for the Muslims based totally at the Islamic Shariah Law. While this is a nonsecular matter, it’s been constituted that certification is taken under consideration in case you want to offer HALAL ingredients. This certification is referred to as the HALAL certification.

The HALAL certification our bodies provide this form of certification and the various bodies are as following:

Halal India Private Limited
Halal Certification Services India Private Limited
Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra
Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal consider
While you could technique any of the above bodies to get the certification, in case you need to go through this method faster, you may get in contact with Abgps Advisory.

Benefits of HALAL Certification

  1. The product becomes marketable to over 2 billion people across the world.
  2. You get to use the Halal logo
  3. The product will be marketable in Muslim countries.
  4. Improvement in the quality of the food product.

Improve the hygienic systems

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