RWA Registration Fees

RWA Registration Fees

14,999 /-

Resident Welfare Associations Registration

If you stay in a housing society, then it is mandatory for that society to have a residential welfare association. A residential welfare association refers to an association that represents the hobbies of the man or woman dwelling inner a particular housing society. This form of registration is something which you should look for in case you.

However, why you should even hassle with registering your housing society:

For one, it’s miles necessary for a society to have a Residential welfare association.
There are some perks associated with it that impacts all of the residents of that society.
With registration, the housing society is in addition legitimized.
An RWA entails the guidelines and guidelines touching on some societal facilities that every resident ought to behavior them with.
Governed beneath the Societies act, the method of residential welfare registration in Delhi is equal as society registration.

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Documents Required for RWA Registration

  1. A Xerox copy of memorandum of association
  2. A Xerox copy of rules and regulations document
  3. Affidavit Number 1 pertaining to the ownership and a No objection certificate for the Registered Office in the society.
  4. Affidavit No 2 for desirous persons that are not related to each other
  5. Name of the society
  6. Residential proofs of all desirous persons
  7. Identity proofs of all desirous persons
  8. Ownership proof the registered office of the society
  9. IF proof of the owner of that registered office
  10. A fully completed application of the housing welfare association registration.

RWA Registration FAQs

Who to contact for the registration of new resident welfare society?

In order to get the registration for a new society, you need to contact registrar of Societies

I live in a housing society in south Delhi; do we really need a residential welfare association?

Yes, as per the Societies Act, it is mandatory for any housing society to have a residential welfare association.

Why the process of resident welfare association registration is the same as society registration?

The reason for the process to be the same is because residential welfare association fall under the group housing societies.

Can a residential welfare association granted 12A exception certificate?

No, a residential welfare association cannot be granted a 12A exception certificate. It is because, this certificate is mostly granted to societies and trusts pertaining to charities.

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