UL VNO License in India

Internet’s call for has been the maximum in recent times. To cater to those needs, there are several ISPs emerging. To provide the sort of service, typically you will require an ISP License. However, with extra localized needs rising, there is some other subset of ISP License that has garnered interest. It is called the VNO License. VNO stands for Virtual Network Operator for ISPs that need to provide Internet services inside a district or country, it is the most price-effective choice.

Why pick Vno?

ISP Licenses are long-lasting, and they are able to arm with higher provisions in order that if and whilst you need, you may provide internet services to a huge location. But what in case you are simply want to offer net services inside your district? What should you opt for then? While ISP License’s 3 categories provide a lot of flexibility to choose the location of a license, it could be a pricey affair. To tackle the point of rate and make the license greater cost-effective, UL VNo License exists.

Its duration is of 10 years
Bank guarantee is much less
Hardware necessities are less
Due to the above-referred to advantages, to provide net inside a local place, we recommend choosing UL VNO License

Categories of VNO License

VNO License exists within the following 3 categories:

Category A: Pan India category
Category B: Valid in 20 essential states
Category C: Valid in a secondary switching place
Abgps Advisory is a group of business license experts that can offer you this license. Just contact our specialists and we can continue with the VNO License system.


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